Who Could Know Me - Front 2

How blessed I am to have released my 3rd All Original CD entitled Who Could Know Me! The Recording of this CD spanned a 3 year time period with two major down time periods due to a health problem that occurred & a new construction of the studio. Perseverance prevailed & the CD was completed in October, 2015! Major thanks to Dan Webb, the recording engineer & so much more who ultimately brought out the very best in my musical compositions! Also thanks to Jon Rochner on Bass Guitar, Danny Erkman Sr. on Drums & Tammy Whitfield on Back Vocals! Special Thanks to Leslie Erkman for Photography! Thank you to Jesus Christ who made the entire project possible in providing the inspiration for the songs!

I remember driving down the interstate one day when I started humming the melody to Where There Is Love! The words of the 1st verse came to me & to ensure that I would not forget what I had come up with, I called my wife Regina & recorded the song on her phone. Upon returning home, the song quickly unfolded & became what I believe is one of my favorites! The Lord has blessed me with songs while doing the most common things like mowing the yard! The Returning Of The Lord is one of the songs that came to me while mowing!

Thank you to all of the loyal fans who have purchased my CD’s & have shared my music! I love you all!

Marty Cummings

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